Who I Am

I’m Andy. Certified health coach, health science graduate, ex stone mason/paving contractor and living proof that applying simple holistic life changes bring better health and resilience outcomes.

What I Do

I teach men over 35 in one to one video link and in-person programs to get their struggling health firmly back on track. I empower, equip and encourage clients to successfully prioritize their health and get results right away.

How I can help

I’ll help you turn around your lethargy, aches and pains, sugar and junk food addiction, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, slow metabolism and excess weight with a high contact, expertly crafted 12 week program.

How to contact me

You can contact me right here by email or say hello in the Messenger ‘pop up’ to the right. I respond within 24 hours. You can also find my easy and practical health tips and contact me on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Just follow the social links on each page.

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What can a certified health coach do for you?

In a short time I will empower you to

✔ Feel great. Always.

✔ Restore energy to bygone levels.

✔ Turn around high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor cholesterol results and make your doctor smile.

✔ Look better at 40 than you did at 30. Better at 50 than you did at 40. Better at 60 than you did at 50. You get the idea.

✔ Secure a resilient future with the most sustainable lifestyle, once and for all. (‘resilient’ – I love that word)

✔ Gain metabolic flexibility.

✔ Break your attachment to sugar, processed and junk foods.

✔ Adopt a simple nutrient dense way of eating you wish you’d learned years ago.

✔ Heal from life’s physical and mental injuries.

✔ Get rid of your beer belly/pear shaped middle.

✔ Apply low carb and keto lifestyles simply and to your advantage.

✔ Chisel a lean body by learning fitness foundations that support optimal metabolic function.

✔ Lose weight intuitively without having to count, weigh, or measure anything.

✔ Fat adapt and succeed on a ketogenic/low carb diet.

✔ Become an inspiration for those around you to change for the better.

✔ Turn that soft middle aged body into a firm core to make 30 somethings envious.

✔ Live an energetic, wholesome life through daily self management, conscious eating and intuitive movement.

✔ Build a dependable health foundation for strong and resilient ageing.

✔ Secure self-determination in health and minimize reliance on health services and medications.

✔ Build a basis for better cognition, strength and mobility in ageing.

✔ Be injury resistant and resilient to the rigours of demanding work and exercise.

✔Leverage my scientific background to take advantage of evidence based health, bio-hacking and longevity strategies.