My Signature Evidence Based Health Coaching Program

– Ready For Resilience –

Maybe you’ve had a health scare, a frown from your doctor, or the realisation is building that you need to turn things around. You were told to “eat less and exercise more”, but it’s not working. This is where I can help!

My program focuses on a simple process – finding that balance between achieving better health and really enjoying your life. I take an intuitive and sensible approach that does not involve yo-yo dieting or excessive exercise.

Everyone has different health goals and I believe there’s no such thing as “the perfect diet” or a “one size fits all” approach. Working together, we’ll carefully cultivate a program that tailors my guiding principles to your specific goals and personal preferences. Together we’ll arrive at your least restrictive and most sustainable way of eating and living for the long-term, while putting an end to fad dieting and excessive exercise once and for all!

A 12-Week Signature Program

In this 12-week program I work one-on-one with clients in a personalized and high-touch engagement. Together we will focus on nutrition by building healthy eating habits, layer in several forms of movement, optimize sleep, address stress, and ensure we find time and space for you to have fun and enjoy life!

Stage 1

Discover Your Path

Identifying your vision and values. We embark, together by exploring what you imagine is the healthier YOU. What is your health ambition. We ask how you would like to feel, what you would like to be able to do, what you would like to accomplish and how you would like to live.
This stage will bind your process (of change) to what you want and expand what you believe is possible for you. It removes your health from a series of tests or bio-markers and returns it to the your ownership, your power and your self-determination.
We help you accept all these wants as the key element of your personal value system. This is now the new code that guides your behaviour towards yourself, to achieve your own self-care.
The practical lessons at this stage include shaping your supportive environment, achieving natural satiety without hunger and developing a better relationship with food. You’ll learn the shopping, preparation and cooking skills that’ll move you into the correct metabolic zone to succeed at effortless weight loss and management. 

Stage 2

Hit The Ground Running

So in the first stage we internalised your vision into your values and this is where we begin to turn it all into a process. We ask what it’ll ‘look like’ to make each one of these behaviour changes. What it’ll look like in a given week for example. We brainstorm possible schedules and activities and ultimately we together construct the scaffolding of the program you can implement over time. We also look at how we can adapt these changes when circumstances get difficult. If you’re suddenly travelling with a group, working long hours or on a holiday, what will your new eating plan look like? We plan out how you’ll adapt without stress or confusion.

With all this decided we choose a starting point. What will be the first change you initiate? It’ll most likely be a single, immediate and manageable goal. And if you are confident we’ll look at what will be the second and even third manageable goals. No rush, of course, just solid tangible steps.

The practical lessons at this stage include developing regular body movement and mental care.

Stage 3

The Map for Change

This is where we identify the difference between where you are now with a particular behaviour and where you’d like to be. It’s not a judgement about weight or fitness for example, it’s an honest assessment of the distance between your present choices and your goal choices. This’ll allow us to effectively plan a trajectory of specific changes to cover that distance and importantly, it’ll make things much clearer.
This clarity is so important because it’s likely you would have been very vague about your health for a long time and poor habits thrive off ambiguity. Unhealthy choices flourish because we simply don’t keep track. Together with your coach you’ll start charting your behaviours. This awareness and knowledge will become a powerful tool and a surprisingly effective mental support, every minute of the day.
At this stage we also identify beliefs that undermine your initiative. You may believe that it’s your destiny to be overweight or that you don’t have will power. Awareness of these beliefs allows us together to see the mental distance we need to travel the new vision that’ll get you to your desired transformation.
Practical lessons at this stage include…

Stage 4

Defeating Obstacles

By this stage we’ve been doing the work of change for a while, we’re taking on new behaviours, exposing limiting self-beliefs and documenting with the help of your coach, your progress. Some stumbling blocks may have appeared. Certain circumstances or moods may have exposed weaknesses. You may for example have become much more aware of eating for comfort or self consciousness discouraging you from exercising in public. We’ll continue to talk these through and undermine their power as I support you in your journey.
Practical lessons at this stage include…

Stage 5

Effortless Maintenance



12 week program

$700 USD

$955 AU